Steve Sinnott started trading in 1982, the Co have worked in many different countries from the USA & Canada, through most European countries and as far away as New Zealand plus all the different regions in the UK from the Shetlands down to Devon & Cornwall plus the Isles such as the Isle of Man and of course the land of my family Ireland.

Years before people got interested in restoring tiled floors ( in the 60’s 70’s & 80’s tiled floors of all types were routinely skipped) I used to dig out tiles from landfill near the old factories of Maws & Mintons to fix/restore the tiled floors that I had worked on .

Major investment only came about in tile restoration when the Americans got in touch with H&R Johnsons for contracts in Washington = Capitol House.

I learnt the hard way how to restore encaustic & geometric tiled floors by taking them apart and putting them back again and without the before pictures to show the damage it virtually impossible to distinguish the restoration additions.

To date there isn’t a training program that deals with encaustic & geometric tiling.

When training one of my main points is that observation of the work of past craftsmen is crucial in producing work in the present.
Such as the inclusion of detail work in thresholds when laying a new Victorian encaustic & geometric tiled floor, variable tile cuts on the wall/skirting side of borders, inside variable cuts (if needed ) to set the field tiles correctly .

A study of original Victorian tiled floors would show these crucial details which are too often missed out on many new Victorian reproduction tiled floors, unnecessary borders around the bottom of stairs or in sections were the field tiles are crowded out to a point that the border either side is wider than the field is another common mistake.

As a Co we are happy to provide on-site training to those who are interested.

Our Co provides clients with a comprehensive service covering restoration of existing tiling schemes, extension’s to existing tiling, to enhance period buildings listed or not, we also provide a restorative deep cleaning service for both period historic tiling and modern tiling.

The Co has worked on Public listed buildings both in the UK & abroad and also private dwellings listed & unlisted.