Information required for restoration quote.

Decent pictures showing floor/wall tiles overall so that both field and border (if any) are shown.
Good resolution please as blurred or mobile pictures are useless when blown up on screen.

Pictures showing damaged area in relation to the rest of the floor showing missing or damaged tiles. A count of those tiles is required plus colour size-shape e.g. black triangle 3 inch base.

Loose area (s) please indicate size of those and where they are located within wall or floor all sizes in imperial unless the tiles are metric.

Length & width of floor in imperial so that we can work out materials thanks !

Doing this saves someone from our Company travelling out to do a survey and saves you the client money.
If a survey is needed then reasonable expenses will be charged, we do not charge for a survey if the contract is within 50 miles of our base.

Information required for new walls/floor quote.

Type & size of tiling or stone /material wanted. We will need pictures of the area to be covered so that any quirks of the wall or floor can be taken into account.

Length & width in imperial or metric.

A drawing of the area if possible, we will need to know the composition of the wall or floor e.g. wood, concrete, suspended wooden floor etc.

Information required for a Mural or Mosaic tiling quote.

Drawings or ideas for work to be done ,overall size and where the piece will be sited =outdoor/ indoor/wall or floor,type of material to be used.

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