Welcome to Heritage Tiling & Restoration Co.

My work is all about restoring historic tiled floors biggest percentage is Victorian encaustic & geometric tiled floors and occasionally wall tile schemes again these are usually Victorian, however as floors are under constant wear & tear it is geometric & encaustic tiled floors that comprise our bread & butter work + mosaics oddly the type of floor that started it all features less now.

Originally I started out as a stone carver but a contract that had a badly damaged marble mosaic changed my life, it took me nearly 3 years to restore the marble mosaic floor and meant that I had cut almost a million cubes, my job changed and became a Tyler-mason a term that had gone out of use but was suited to my new line of work.

Before long I had travelled to other countries to restore mosaic floors but as I got older I specialised in Victorian encaustic & geometric tile restoration.

My Co started in 1982 I believe that I have been restoring Victorian encaustic & geometric tiled floors longer than most.
I have now worked in many different countries and have helped train tilers or at least encourage them to try this very difficult but satisfying branch of tiling.

I enjoy my work it can be hard & difficult and sometimes very frustrating but ultimately I get great satisfaction from laying a new complicated floor or restoring a floor most would consign to a skip.

I & my Co are dedicated to our work and I have lots of references from clients to back that statement up.


Steve Sinnott
ā€œIā€™m not concerned about the project size as such, what matters is the floor! I love what I do and like to see a happy customer, bringing a damaged floor from a ruin to a beautiful floor is what matters ā€œ



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